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Google Docs

Google Docs is the productivity part of the Google Apps for Business suite. With full-featured Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation applications, the usual office productivity tools are taken care of. What's more, these tools follow you to any computer in the world, and even to mobile devices.

Gone are the days of digging around for the latest version of the document, emailing it to a co-worker for a few changes, then having to wait for them to email it back. Sharing a Google Document means that anyone with access (easily controlled by the author) is able to make changes to the document concurrently with other users in real-time. You can share a spreadsheet, automatically sending the link to your colleague, and start an instant (text/voice/video) chat with them to make sure that they're clear about what you're after. Then just keep working on your section and watch the changes appear as they get around to doing their bit.


Every change can be played back, so you can always roll back to a prior version of the document.


Of course, some people will prefer to stick with the tools that they know. But, by installing Google Cloud Connet, the same shared editing functionality can be used from the Microsoft Office suite.


You can store files of any format in Google Docs. And, once again, Google's searching excellence means that you can search the contents of all files, whatever the format (including PDFs) from your Email or Docs interface.