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Google Email

Google Email, or GMail, is the core of the Google Apps suite. Originally just another webmail service, it quickly developed into what is arguably the slickest ways to manage your communication.

Google Email offers a variety of way for users to manage their inboxes. The conservatives used to other email clients can continue to use the message-by-message interface that they have been using ever since graphical email clients were created.


For those who think in conversations, GMail offers a threaded view (that's the default), where all the messages in the same thread are stacked together so that the user never needs to search through the inbox or scroll through pages of quoted text to find out what the latest comments are in response to. The priority inbox view lets Google Email sort things for you, with amazing accuracy, into messages that need your immediate attention and those that can wait a while (or a long while).


Whichever view you choose, any email (and it really is ANY, with 25GB of storage dedicated to email for every user) is easy to find thanks to Google's second-to-none search function.


There are just too many features in the Google Mail interface to go through, and new ones are being added all the time. Instantly converting an email into a Google Document, storing messages in multiple folders (that's "labels" in GMail terms), chatting with any of the thread's participants and seeing other recent communications with them from the same screen... the interface quickly becomes an indispensable tool.


However, if for any reason the users need or prefer to use a desktop client such as Outlook forThunderbird, Google Apps comes configured to act as just another email server.